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Back to school... already? Let us help you prepare!

Summer didn't last long. But, that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

There is nothing like community, nostalgic food, and people rallying around you to be the best person you can be. Here are a few tips from to help make going back to school easier:

  • Remember that you don't need to wait until the first day of class to ask for help. Schools are open to address any concerns a parent or child might have, including the specific needs of a child, over the summer. The best time to get help might be one to two weeks before school opens.

  • Take them to visit the new school or classroom before the first day of school. Many children get nervous about new situations, including changing to a new school, classroom or teacher. This may happen at any age. It can be helpful to rehearse heading into a new situation. Remind them that there are probably a lot of students who are uneasy about the first day of school. Teachers know that students are nervous and will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible. If your child seems nervous, ask them what they are worried about and help them problem-solve ways to master the new situation.

  • Point out the positive aspects of starting school to help your kids look forward to the first day of class. Talk about how they will see old friends and meet new ones, for example.

  • Find another child in the neighborhood your child can walk to school or ride with on the bus.

  • If it is a new school for your child, attend any available orientations and take an opportunity to tour the school before the first day. Bring your child to school a few days prior to class to play on the playground and get comfortable in the new environment.

  • If you feel it is needed, drive your child (or walk with them) to school and pick them up on the first day. Get there early on the first day to cut down on unnecessary stress.

  • Consider starting your child on their school sleep/wake schedule a week or so ahead of time so that time change is not a factor on their first couple of days at school.


Summer Adoption Picnic, Ohio

The adoption crisis is happening all over the world, but watch this video to see how Ohio plans on tackling the heart-felt issue.

Should we host an adoption picnic?

  • 0%Yes! I'd love to experience this or help.

  • 0%No, I don't think this would truly be beneficial for kids.


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