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I'm a mom.

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Parenthood is a blessing, whether through natural birth or less traditional

means. Yet, I’ve noticed a stigma, even a fear, attached to adoption. Without a doubt, adoption presents a unique set of challenges, but it can also be a saving grace all the same.

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Joshua Farmer

Joshua “Josh” is a 4-year old superstar and born leader. Never afraid to rock to the beat of his own drum, he loves dancing to all genres of music, especially gospel and rap…and drawing too! Elmo, PJ Masks, Dinosaurs, and Spiderman are also among his favorite things. His foods of choice: salmon, rice, French fries, and cereal.


Coined by his mom as the “mayor” of his school and building, Josh has proven himself to be quite the charmer. He makes his rounds to hug all of his teachers every day before leaving school. He frequently tells his mom that he loves her heart!


When Josh is not at school, he can be found at two of his other favorite places, Sunday school and the park. He is a “family man” that enjoys time spent with his loved ones, including his mom’s friends that he affectionately refers to as his “Tee Tees.”

(Read more about his story here.)

A communications specialist by trade, Deborah Olivia Farmer founded Brown Farmer Media Group Inc., a full-service communications firm, after two decades working in Chicago’s newsrooms. In 2016, the firm gained national attention after being awarded a competitive contract with the City of Chicago to lead a diversity recruitment initiative for the Chicago Police Department that came to be known as “Be The Change.” Under Deborah Olivia’s leadership, the communications firm has also aided in the growth and success of dozens of other clients nationally, spanning corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and high-profile leaders. (Read more.) – hyperlink to BFMG website bio page.


Yet, despite achieving a great deal of professional success in her corporate and entrepreneurial careers, Deborah Olivia found that she had more of her purpose to fulfill. After life choices, discovering mentorship, and challenges with natural conception, she made the life-changing decision to foster to adopt. Now, four years later, Deborah Olivia is opening up about her faith-filled experience in a memoir entitled, “My Journey With Joshua.” MJWJ is a firsthand account of the foster to adoption process, purposed to dispel common myths, take the stigma out of adoption, and encourage other professionals to “find their happy” through the process. 


Through this educational awareness platform, which also includes a line of products, Deborah Olivia hopes to create advocates for adoption and inspire more people toward adoption that will provide love, a safe space, and shelter for children in need. “My Journey With Joshua” is more than a book; it’s a movement. Stay tuned for the official book release date.

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